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             Welcome to Professional Designs Writing Service 
                            Why use a Certified Professional Resume Writer?

  My first goal as your Certified Professional Resume Writer is to provide you with the key marketing tools for your professional objectives: advancement, new employment or networking. 

  Beyond your expertly-written resume, I will provide you with tips, resources and some logical strategies to make your job search and personal marketing efforts as productive as possible. Having lived and worked in the Rochester and Buffalo regions for 25 years, I know those markets well. Now that I'm physically located in North Alabama, I'm expanding my knowledge of the Huntsville and Birmingham job markets, as well.

  With 13 years in the industry, I’m prepared to help you succeed in this competitive job market.

~ Christine Robinson, CPRW
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  Writing is an art-form that can be developed over time. Crafting resumes for career purposes requires professional training, networking with other resume writers and employment industry professionals, and an in-depth understanding of the daunting challenges faced by job seekers today. 

   I've worked with transitioning professionals worldwide, but my home regions are in New York and Alabama... specifically, Rochester, Buffalo, Huntsville, and Birmingham. 

  Whether you're actively seeking new employment or utilizing your resume for ongoing professional networking, your marketing strategies must change as quickly as the trends. 
Christine Robinson
Certified Professional Resume Writer
Rochester, NY ~ Buffalo, NY
Huntsville, AL  ~  Birmingham, AL
Does your 2013 resume mirror your 2010 resume?  
If so, you may be behind the times.

How does your resume score on 
applicant tracking software (ATS)?
I guarantee that you will receive a resume that's ATS-compatible.

Are you still relying solely on job boards 
to submit your resume?
That's not the only way. I've got some job search advice for you.

Have you created a LinkedIn profile? 
The information there should be consistent with what's in your resume, but more expansive. 
Professional resume writing service providing effective, quality resumes to clients in Rochester, Buffalo, Huntsville, and Birmingham. Resumes, cover letters, curriculum vitae, LinkedIn profiles, professional bio, executive bio, career marketing content for online use.

Christine Robinson, Certified Professional Resume Writer with more than a decade of experience serving Rochester and Buffalo area clients. Experience working with professionals affiliated with or targeting Buffalo and Rochester's biggest employers: Bausch + Lomb, Constellation Brands, Eastman Kodak, Genesee Brewing Company, Xerox, Paychex, University of Rochester, Community Bank, N.A., Time Warner Cable, Kaleida Health, REALTY USA and Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

In Huntsville, serving clients in engineering and high-tech positions looking to reposition themselves from DoD-related roles into the private sector.

Resume services provided to clients in health care, real estate, sales and marketing, social work, food manufacturing, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, banking and financial services, public and private education (from preschool to post-graduate), professional services, payroll services, benefits administration, telecommunications. 

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